XML Schema


XML Schema Element Syntax Summary

The summaries are taken from the XML Schema Recommendations, made more user-friendly, and link back to the specs. All elements can have an "id" attribute and all elements can have xs:annotation as child except xs:annotation itself.

Whitespace in xsd:string, xsd:normalizedString, xsd:token

The XML Schema Recommendation is clear about the definition of xs:string, xs:normalizedString and xs:token but not about their use. The spec and most books about XML Schema fail to tell us that these data types are mostly a show of intent.


UBL Naming and Design Rules

Universal Business Language (UBL) has an impressive UBL Naming and Design Rules Checklist [1]. UBL has been a great source of inspiration also for XML Schema projects not related to UBL.

Updated 2008-11-10