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Jesper Tverskov

Australia and Scandinavia

At the moment I'm based in Copenhagen, but I like to visit Australia and New Zeeland as often as possible. I provide on-site courses in XML technologies in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, etc), New Zeeland (Wellington, etc), Scandinavia and the rest of the world.

Taylor made

Basic training is what it is and adjustments mostly take place as the training progress. But it is very common for customers to mail me examples of markup they use, of XML schemas and XSLT stylesheets. If relevant, we include your own material as "case" in the course. No matter if you use a dedicated XML-Editor in your daily work or not, it is best to use one during the training. In an XML-Editor we have full focus on XML. I have training licences to XMLSpy, and can probably get licences to other editors if needed. I use Oxygen myself, most of the time.


xmltraining.net is from "programmer to programmer". When you mail me or call me, we can plan it all right away without go-betweens: content, level, place and time. I'm a specialist in XML. Many other providers of XML training only has it as one of many interests.

My courses are based on three pillars: XML introduction/overview, XML Schema and XSLT:

No XML XML Schema XSLT/XPath Total
[1] 1 day 1 day 1 day = 3 days
[2] 0.5 day 0.5 day 1 day = 2 days
[3] 0.5 day 0.5 day 2 day = 3 days
[4] 0.25 day 0.25 day 1.5 day = 2 days
[5] 1 day - - = 1 day
[6] - 1 day - = 1 day
[7] - - 1 day = 1 day
[8] - - 2 days = 2 days
[9] ? day ? day ? day = ? day

Also e.g.: "XSLT 2.0 Upgrade", 1-2 days.
Prices for XML Training.

Updated 2016-10-21

  • I still do the above courses but most of my time is now devoted to my pet project: friendlytest.com.

  • I have made all the programming (XSLT, JavaScript and asp.net) and all the so-called friendly tests, that is quiz-like educational tests as a learning device.

  • The friendly tests are marked up with my own "Friendly Test Markup Language" and I use XML Schema with both rules and assertions for validation. The tests are at the moment just an XML file store but user data and the rest is using a relational database.

  • Enjoy. Sign up for a free account. And why not contribute making some friendly test about any decent subject?

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Since 2005 e.g.:

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  • Progrator
  • Berendsen
  • Axis Communications
  • Nilfisk-ALTO
  • EG Data Inform
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