Testing XQuery Update Facility 1.0

With XQuery Update Facility we can update XML files using insert, replace, rename and delete with the same ease as when we update tables with SQL. In XSLT on the other hand, we can only update to a new file and must use the modified identity template.

Saxon XQuery processor in ASP.NET

There are several XQuery processors for .NET to choose from. In this example I use Saxon having the benefit of also being an XSLT processor. When you have the XQuery part of the processor working or the XSLT 2.0 part, the other one is also ready for use.

XQuery and XSLT compared

XSLT became a standard in 1999 and XQuery in 2007 but they have so much in common that one of the best things about XSLT and XQuery is that knowing one of them and you can also be fluent in the other in a matter of days.

Creating XHTML with XQuery

Creating XHTML documents with XQuery is easy when we know how. There are two challenges: how to set the serialization parameters for the proper XHTML DOCTYPE, and how to refer input XML when output is in the XHTML default namespace.

Updated 2008-12-23